October 30, 2006

New DIFFUSION eBooks published

Eight new DIFFUSION eBooks have been published by Proboscis in our Species of Spaces and Liquid Geography series. The eBooks are, as ever, free to download from the website, print out and assemble. Readers are welcomed to share or re-distribute the eBooks with friends, colleagues or family either electronically (via the PDFs), by photocopy or as assembled books.

Species of Spaces
Heath Bunting Single Step Guide to Success: Day Planning
Anne Galloway Spaces and Places of Convergence
Lisa LeFeuvre Urban Time Travel: Odd Lots and Floating Islands

Liquid Geography
Loren Chasse Paths for a Listener
Jim Harold Caesura: Cyprus Kibris Kypros
David Key No Words
John Schofield Constructing Place: When artists and archaeologists meet
Kathryn Yusoff Landscape: Return Dispersal Circulation

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October 23, 2006

Urban Tapestries Report (revised edition)

A revised edition of the Urban Tapestries report (containing all three original reports from June 2005) is now available to download here (PDF 2Mb). The new edition of the report combines an overview of the project aims, practices, outcomes and policy proposals, a chronological account of its progress and an analysis of the feedback from participants in the bodystorming experiences and trials.
A bound version is available to buy from the Proboscis Store for 5.00 plus postage and packing.

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October 11, 2006

St Marks Report

Over the past 15 months Proboscis has been collaborating on a Social Tapestries project with the members and ex-members of St Marks Housing Co-op. The co-op is a small group of people brought together by a common need to rent affordable housing. St Marks is a co-operative all the members work together to locate 'shortlife' (i.e. not permanent) housing in London from Housing Associations. St Marks represents a community of need rather than a geographic community the impermanence and transience of this kind of housing means that there is both a frequent turnover of housing and of members (as some leave for permanent or other housing).

Proboscis has been collaborating with members and ex-members to re-capture the history of the co-op over the past twenty six years of its existence, creating both a visual timeline and a 'scavenged' Social Tapestry public authoring system for the co-op to continue this process in the future. Public Authoring has been explored as a critical technique for the community to preserve and continue to build on its previous successes and experience.

Download the Report as a PDF (4.2Mb)
A bound version is available to buy from the Proboscis Store for 5.00 plus postage and packing.

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Human Echoes

Camilla's Brueton's commission for the Human Echoes event back in July is now complete and the digital element is available as two podcast files. The work is called The Human Echoes Archive and is a box of fictional and factual materials (drawings, maps, postcards, index cards, audio cd) that mimics the form, materials, structure and tools of archiving to reflect and extend the interconnected conversations of the event.

The Archive adopts a numerical ordering system to collect material relating to the people who were present, issues emerging and questions raised at the Dialogue. Like the informal pockets of conversation which took place at this picnic one can navigate freely between the material in the Archive rummaging, cross referencing and re-ordering or by using the the subject index and footnote references.

The podcast files are an edited version of the article contained in the archive with images of other material from it and, a layered audio piece of fragments of the conversations.

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October 05, 2006

Everyday Archaeology Report

We've just published the Activity and Impact Report on our week long workshop with Year 4 at the Jenny Hammond Primary School back in July. Over the next school year we will be working with staff at the school to embed some of our tools and techniques into their everyday teaching and learning methods. We'll post more details here in the coming months.
A bound version is available to buy from the Proboscis Store for 5.00 plus postage and packing.

Update: The project is also featured as a case study on the London Schools Arts Service website.

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