October 30, 2006

New DIFFUSION eBooks published

Eight new DIFFUSION eBooks have been published by Proboscis in our Species of Spaces and Liquid Geography series. The eBooks are, as ever, free to download from the website, print out and assemble. Readers are welcomed to share or re-distribute the eBooks with friends, colleagues or family either electronically (via the PDFs), by photocopy or as assembled books.

Species of Spaces
Heath Bunting Single Step Guide to Success: Day Planning
Anne Galloway Spaces and Places of Convergence
Lisa LeFeuvre Urban Time Travel: Odd Lots and Floating Islands

Liquid Geography
Loren Chasse Paths for a Listener
Jim Harold Caesura: Cyprus Kibris Kypros
David Key No Words
John Schofield Constructing Place: When artists and archaeologists meet
Kathryn Yusoff Landscape: Return Dispersal Circulation

Posted by Giles Lane at October 30, 2006 05:37 PM