May 25, 2007

Atlas of Enquiry PDFs

PDFs of the five maps of the Atlas of Enquiry are now available to download.

Public Authoring, Education & Learning
Neighbourhoods & Communities
Urban Tapestries public authoring in the wireless city
Urban Tapestries version 2
Robotic Feral Public Authoring

Printed versions are still available to buy from the Proboscis Store

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May 18, 2007

Making Glue at Shared Encounters

In April Karen Martin participated in the Shared Encounters workshop at CHI07. Karen and I submitted a paper for the workshop, called Making Glue.

our daily life is characterised by encounters, some are fleeting and ephemeral and others are more enduring and grounded exchanges. We will investigate the potential for technologies to enable shared interactions that can re-inhabit the place-based social networks of the city.
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Conversations and Connections Report

A report (by Kevin Harris and Giles Lane) on the Conversations and Connections project in the Havelock Estate in Southall, is now available to download. It explores the challenges we encountered and the solutions we developed in researching what public authoring could offer for community cohesion and democratic engagement in a low income social housing scheme with serious problems of institutional neglect and low opportunity. In evaluating the project's impact and achievements it offers some key lessons and policy messages for trying to stimulate participation and engagement through technological innovation. The project was funded by an Innovation Grant from the Electoral Policy Division of the Ministry of Justice (formerly the Department for Constitutional Affairs).

A bound version is available to buy from the Proboscis Store for 5.00 plus postage and packing.

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May 04, 2007

Upcoming Talks & Presentations

Mediamatic Hybrid World Lab
Mediamatic, Amsterdam May 7th to 9th
Giles will be giving a series of talks about Proboscis' work and coaching participants in the workshops.

TakeAway Festival
Dana Centre, Science Museum London May 10th 6pm
Giles will be giving a presentation on our concept of scavenging for public authoring at the DIY media festival.

Futuresonic Social Technologies Summit
Contact Theatre, Manchester May 11th 10am-6pm
Giles will be giving a keynote on 'Collaboration as Ethos' in the Collaborating Across Boundaries session, chaired by Anne Galloway.

New Media Scotland Poker Club
Beehive Inn, 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh May 22nd 6pm
Future City with Giles Lane in conversation with Constance Fleuriot

The Creativity Conversation
Institute of Creative Technology, De Montfort University, Leicester June 11-12
Giles will discuss Proboscis' work and ethos within the context of collaborative and transdisciplinary practices.

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May 02, 2007

Public Authoring Special Offer

To celebrate the onset of summer and our recent public authoring activity at Enter_Unknown Territories we are offering a Magnetic Endless Landscape set, an 8 StoryCube StoryPack set and an Atlas of Enquiry for just 15 (saving 7.95) plus post and packing. Order here.

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