April 29, 2007

Public Authoring at Enter

Our contribution to Enter_Unknown Territories created around 40 StoryCubes (pictures below and on our Flickr site), a DIFFUSION eBook of Guardian blogger Sean Dodson's posts (A4 or US Letter version) on the conference blog and a special DIFFUSION eNotebook (A4 or US Letter version) for delegates to reflect on the networks, conversations and collaborations revealed during the conference.

Proboscis Public Authoring Zone @ Enter photoset

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April 20, 2007

Proboscis Public Authoring Zone at Enter_Unknown Territories

Proboscis will be running a Public Authoring Zone at Enter_Unknown Territories next week in Cambridge (April 26th & 27th).

Interwoven into the conference proceedings, Proboscis will create a meta-narrative of the debates and dialogues by inviting conference delegates to create DIFFUSION eBooks (using the prototype DIFFUSION eBook Generator) as well as an evolving 'landscape' of the conference themes, using Proboscis' StoryCubes format.

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April 12, 2007

Snout Event Images

Snout Event photoset

Update: We have created a Flickr Group for participants to share their photos of the event.

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April 10, 2007

Snout scavenged website

Images from today's event will be posted in the next few days, meanwhile the 'scavenged' web interface is now public at:

The site shows the sensors readings collected during the performance today together with a variety of other public data and services designed to make connections and give context to pollution in our environments. The site has been developed by Karen Martin and is built using ning.com a free online service providing templates for building social networking sites with little or no programming ability. Woven into the ning site are mapping technologies from Google, photofeeds from Flickr, RSS feeds, ward level statistics (Census 2001) from National Statistics and links to other services such as writetothem.com, upmystreet conversations and local organic food delivery.

Update Kevin Harris of Local Level has blogged his impressions of the performance and forum, speculating on the role of this kind of public intervention in defusing community tension.

Chris Hand has also blogged the event and posted his photos on Flickr.

Andrew Curry has also blogged the event on his site looking at futures and emerging trends.

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April 05, 2007

Snout flyers

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