November 02, 2005

May You Live in Interesting Times (28/10/2005)

I participated in the Locative Media and Emplacement panel at the May You Live in Interesting Times conference on Friday. The two halves (morning and afternoon) brought together an interesting slice of people (Martin Flintham, Jen Southern & Jen Hamilton, Dr Sarah Green, Nina Pope & Heath Bunting) and projects working at a more conceptual end of the spectrum of 'media arts' and 'locative media'.

It was refreshing for the discussions not to revolve around the merits of the technologies but issues of creative and cultural engagement with people. It seemed to me that we actually got to talk about the artistic elements of making work in this field not just the intentions that using technology often entail, but rarely achieve.

Posted by Giles Lane at November 2, 2005 12:46 PM