About Bookleteer

bookleteer helps you to create and publish your own digital/physical eBooks and StoryCubes. Use it to create story books, portfolios, learning diaries, newsletters, workshop or project notebooks, essays, project documentation, exhibition catalogues, game props, or whatever you can imagine. bookleteer makes PDF files that can be downloaded, printed out and made up as shareable paper books and cubes using Proboscis' unique Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes or read online with bookreader.

Share your publications freely online, by email, post or photocopy etc at next to no cost to readers or print them in short runs using our exclusive service.

Short Run Printing Service

You can also order professionally printed and bound books and die-cut cubes via our short run printing service. Print runs as low as 25 copies per eBook or 50 copies per StoryCube. Printed in full colour on high quality, FSC-approved sustainably-sourced paper and card stocks.

Developed since 2000 by Proboscis, Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes are a flexible and dynamic way to share your ideas with people all over the world, including places that it would not be economical, or physically possible, to distribute traditional publications to. You can share Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes electronically or as material objects – scan, email, post or photocopy them.

Sign up for a free account and start bookleteering. Find out more about what others are doing with it on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Donations & Sponsorship

If you enjoy using bookleteer please make a donation. The Alpha Club helps us keep developing and improving it with new features; members get early access to features such as the API and get discounts on print orders. We welcome potential sponsors to get in touch with us direct to discuss opportunities for sponsoring bookleteer and our work.

the Periodical

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About Bookleteer