February 29, 2004

Summary of the 'Social Research Report' available online

Check it out - a summary of the social research report is available online:


Very generally, this research aimed to accomplish two things: first, to propose a set of methodological tools useful for looking at emerging technologies; and second to understand how 9 socially, economically and culturally diverse individuals engaged an early Urban Tapestries demonstration prototype (from June 2003). Findings suggest that UT successfully augmented our respondents' relationship with Bloomsbury, but the demo failed to convince many of them that this was a valuable or worthy asset.

The report situates these findings in the context of respondents' relationships with media (ranging from television to PDA's), their relationship to Bloomsbury and the ways in which UT opens up pathways for the exchange of social knowledge. The report concludes by asking how UT can or will facilitate social relationships and social cohesion.

Any thoughts? Let us know what you think?

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