December 16, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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StoryCubes & StoryPacks

Proboscis now has sets of StoryCubes available to buy from the Proboscis Store. The StoryPacks contain StoryCubes in our new format (heavy card, pre-cut and scored for easy assembly) with sheets of blank stickers for writing, drawing and printing on. StoryPacks come in sets of 8, 27, 64 and 125 StoryCubes – we also have a Classroom StoryPack containing 40 StoryCubes designed for education use.

View images of StoryCubes posted on Flickr

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Endless Landscape Magnets

18 magnets, from a set of paintings by artist Alice Angus, to arrange in any order and create an endless journey of continuous, shifting panoramas.
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The Endless Landscape was a popular 18th and 19th century storytelling game. The paintings in this landscape, based on London, are from a larger series created for Social Tapestries. The magnets can be arranged in billions of combinations (around 6,402,373,705,728,000) to form a continuous landscape for creating stories.

Part fact and part fiction, the Endless Landscape plays with geography and history. It is littered with improbable landscapes,ghostly evocations and historical anomalies. Phantoms of a WW2 Barrage Balloon, the Montgolfiers’ 1783 hot air balloon, the 1903 Spencer Airship No2 and Amy Johnson’s de Havilland DH60 Gipsy Moth in which she flew to Australia in 1930, share the sky with Concorde and geese flying south.

Each magnet set costs UKP 9.95 plus post and packing (total £11.00 in the UK, £12.00 in Europe & £12.50 for World Airmail). You can buy them direct via credit card/Paypal from the Proboscis Store or by sending a cheque or postal order in UK pounds payable to Proboscis.

Update: The Landscape has been featured in various blogs: Londonist (a great blog exploring the many dimensions of London); Drawn (an illustrators' site); Stylefeeder; Neatorama

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December 07, 2006

Social Tapestries Film

We've recently made a 4 minute film about Social Tapestries for Ofcom's Public Service Publisher Consultation, which is now available on our website. It gives a brief overview of our concept of public authoring, the Urban Tapestries software platform and some of our key community projects.

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