March 30, 2007

Coding Cultures Handbook

We recently spent several weeks in Australia participating in dLux Media Arts' Coding Cultures project. They have just published the Coding Cultures Handbook (edited by Francesca da Rimini) which is available as a PDF to download for free from dLux.

The Coding Cultures handbook features six invited writers and groups from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, Italy and Hong Kong who share their experiences of building imaginative digital tools, social networks, open labs and internet-based knowledge platforms for communication and creativity.

Andrew Lowenthal (Aus) introduces an exciting free video sharing website, EngageMedia, built as an alternative to increasingly regulated commercial platforms. (UK) develop flexible and fun software tools to “Do It With Others”, participatory media tools for realtime image jams and performances over the internet. Leandro Fossá (Brazil) shares his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking “Pontos de Cultura”, or Digital Hotspots, 100s of free community-based multimedia centres to enable all Brazilians to access their rights to “digital citizenship”.

Complementing these commissioned texts are be contributions from the Coding Cultures Symposium speakers including internationally renowned artists Giles Lane and Alice Angus from Proboscis (UK) and Mervin Jarman and Camille Turner from the Container Project (Jamaica/Canada).

Posted by Giles Lane at March 30, 2007 03:42 PM