May 05, 2006

Urban Tapestries in Google Earth

As we are nearing completion of version 2 of the Urban Tapestries public authoring platform we are pleased to release a network link for Google Earth to all the content uploaded by participants in the original trials of the UT prototypes back in December 2003 and June/July 2004. The new UT system will allow users to create their own custom KML/KMZ files from content on the system to download and use in Google Earth. We are also investigating opportunities for enabling users to upload datasets from Google Earth in future versions (beyond 2.0). The key hurdle will be marrying up metadata (such as author, date of creation etc) so that content will not be duplicated on Urban Tapestries from similar datasets being downloaded and re-uploaded by multiple users.

Posted by Giles Lane at May 5, 2006 04:05 PM