October 01, 2005

The Matching Link, Den Haag (28/09/2005)

I gave a presentation based on the UT Report – Public Authoring, Place & Mobility" – at Stroom Art and Architecture as part of the symposium, The Matching Link. The sympoisum was organised by Jouke Kleerebezem of the Jan van Eyck Akademie, with Stroom to celebrate the exhibition, Welcome to FusedSpace Database.

The speakers were invited to "reflect on and present projects which enhance public space by means of communication media. Examples will show how the flow of information today has merged almost seamlessly with the flow of goods, traffic, people — where computing has become ubiquitous. Arguably our notion of ‘public’ and ‘private’ space is deeply influenced by its everyday mediation. The Matching Link will look into the information media which are at our disposal to ‘author our (own and each other’s) environment’: access and navigate its physical and/or information realities, contribute to them, shape and change their experience, organise ourselves in and through such ‘spaces’, and other issues relevant to everyday information manipulation."

I was very pleased to share the platform with Roland Haring of Ars Electronica Futurelab who presented their work on Digital Graffitti, a project sharing much with Urban Tapestries. It was particularly inspiring to discuss the ideas and prcatices we've been working on in the context of Stroom, whose own take on public art and its relation to broader social and cultural phenomena is wholly original.

Posted by Giles Lane at October 1, 2005 03:01 AM