June 23, 2005

Neighbourhood Games

John Paul Bichard's Neighbourhood Games is an ongoing research project for Social Tapestries and part of his larger exploration of gaming in the everyday, Embedded Games. John is collaborating with both Proboscis in London and the Interactive Institute in Stockholm (on the Back Seat Playground project) to develop models for a Real World Game Engine.

"By associating game properties to real world objects, much in the same way that a videogame uses an object orientated approach to associate properties and rules to modelled and textured objects, real world objects can be organised and related to form embedded game environments.

"Neighbourhood Games sets out to explore the possibilities of introducing cross-media games into the everyday neighbourhood environment, to propose ways in which games can be meaningfully structured across a broad range of channels, including fixed and mobile digital spaces and the 'real' environment of the local neighbourhood."

John and his wife Louisa are currently on their 2220 expedition a 60 day journey around the coast of Sweden by kayak.

Posted by Giles Lane at June 23, 2005 11:50 AM