November 07, 2003

CHArt Conference

Giles and I gave a talk on Urban Tapestries and Urban Tapestries-like systems for museums at the CHArt conference, Birkbeck College London. The focus of the conference was about the convergence of museums, art galleries, the history of art and digital media.

We demonstrated four different scenarios for different potential uses of a UT-like platform, the users being school children, people from different cultural backgrounds, amateurs, scholars and professionals and finally creatives.

We fielded a few questions asked about us making assumptions about the relationship between museums and users, and, although we stressed the likelihood of entirely new devices emerging over the next few years, some were sceptical about our chosen client devices. A lady from the British Museum was quite concerned about the idea on the whole (especially aloowing children to annotate their own commen ts unmoderated!), but no surprises there considering that we have had no responses at all from the British Museum even though Giles has tried to contact them about collaborating on research.

We met a few people who were very excited about the project who have offered to pass on relevant links to the project. Giles also talked to people from the Science Museum developing the Science and Culture project.

Posted by rachel at November 7, 2003 07:33 PM